Since I started working at the Museum in July, I wanted to add new exciting elements to the holiday season. One way I did this was to start a Holiday Cookie Contest.

I mean, who doesn’t love cookies? And everyone makes them around the holidays,and I am sure there are family favorites that you claim are the best. Why not submit these cookies to win a prize?!

Cooking to me is very special. It means community, family, and sharing something that you work so hard to create. I wanted to provide our community the opportunity to share something that is just as close to them.

The Holiday Cookie Contest is sponsored by Parker Chevrolet. There will be three categories for submissions: Holiday Cookies, Old Fashioned Cookies, and Young Baker’s Division.

For the Holiday Cookies category, we are asking for participants to enter cherished holiday favorites. For the Old Fashioned Cookies category we are asking for participants to submit their old family cookie recipes to find out which is the best! For the Young Bakers Division, participants must be under 18 years old to enter. Each category will have a $75 first prize.

Cookies will be due for judging on Tuesday December 11th. Judges will convene on December 12th, and the winner will be announced on Thursday December 13th. To enter the contest, the deadline for the application form is December 1st. All who wish to participate just need to call the Museum at 561-1035.